The enchantments of Montenegro as a sailing destination owes to its 295 kilometers long coastline, mild Mediterranean climate, as well as its beautiful nature and the rich tapestry of its history. Don’t miss the chance to see the Bay of Kotor, the longest fjord in the Southern Europe, or the Old Town in Kotor, listed as part of the UNESCO World Heritage.


Holiday on a sailing boat in Croatia is something that everyone should experience, at least once in lifetime! Beautiful Adriatic coast, with innumerable bays, inlets and hidden beaches that can be reached only by boat, are just some of the good reasons why everyone should sail this part of the Adriatic Sea. All our vessels can be chartered manned with our skippers.


At present day, Albania is one of the few destinations in the entire Mediterranean that remains largely unpopulated, with a coastline unspoiled by resorts and tourism. Located on the route between Montenegro and Greece, shrouded in silence, Albania is hiding a great many surprises for the eager seafarer to discover. Be one of the few who will enjoy the beautiful Albanian coastline!


To sail the Greek seas, the most beautiful of all in Europe, to feel the warm winds on your face and in your hair, and to see some ten islands in two weeks – that is an experience beyond compare! And all the while, bearing in mind that these immense expanses of water used to be sailed by Ulysses, Jason and the Argonauts, followed by Phoenicians, Persians and Slavs, as well as fearsome Saracen pirates!


In case that you have any special requests or wishes, we will do all we can to please you if there are no real impediments or legal obstacles.