To sail the Greek seas, the most beautiful of all in Europe, to feel the warm winds on your face and in your hair, and to see some ten islands in two weeks – that is an experience beyond compare! And all the while, bearing in mind that these immense expanses of water used to be sailed by Ulysses, Jason and the Argonauts, followed by Phoenicians, Persians and Slavs, as well as fearsome Saracen pirates!

All our vessels can be chartered manned with our skippers who are experienced and well-versed in sailing in this part of the Mediterranean. By making a knowledgeable selection of bays and coves and marines, our skippers will make of your holiday a time to reminisce in the future. Our vessels can also be chartered without a skipper, provided that the person to navigate the vessel has a valid skipper license and VHF certificate.

Routes can be planned according to client’s wishes, independently of the proposed itinerary. Our crew has years of experience in planning various multi-day excursions. We gladly remain at your disposal.


1 Check-in in Kotor
2 Kotor-Bari 120 NM
3 Bari
4 Bari-Monopoli 24 NM
5 Monopoli-Brindisi 30 NM
6 Brindisi-Foca Di Melendugno 19 NM
7 Foca Di Melendugno-Otranto 11 NM
8 Otranto-Korfu 82 NM
9 Korfu
10 Korfu-Bar 167 NM
11 Bar
12 Bar-Budva 16 NM
13 Budva-Bigovo-Herceg Novi 19 NM
14 Herceg Novi-Kotor 14 NM
15 Kotor check-out